Word of the Pillars (Tribe 8)

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ Joan the Warrior and Tera Sheba the Wise are arguably the most powerful of the Seven Fatimas and are the Fallen's most dogged enemies. Their tribes are also full and rich societies, who play important roles in the history and shape of Vimary. Word of the Pillars serves as both a sourcebook and player's guide for these two important tribes. Learn their secret histories, rites and rituals; meet their most important members; and understand just why they have adopted a hard line against the Fallen. ~ 80 pages

Title: Word of the Pillars (Tribe 8)


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Publisher catalog ID: DP9-808

Publisher: Dream Pod 9: 1999

ISBN: 1896776558

ISBN 13: 9781896776552

Format: Paperback

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