Shinobi Ryu: Ninja Clans of Nihon (Sengoku)

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ Detailed history and description of a number of historical shinobi (aka "ninja") ryu or clans, NPC write-ups, and a sample shinobi village. Shinobi Ryu contains additional information for both GMs and players, including: New Ryu (clans)! New NPCs! New Shinobi Profession Templates! A Shinobi Village, with full-page map and key! ~ 64 pages

Title: Shinobi Ryu: Ninja Clans of Nihon (Sengoku)


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Publisher catalog ID: GRG 1007

Publisher: Gold Rush Games: 2002

ISBN: 1890305405

ISBN 13: 9781890305406

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