Mine Index for Metallic Mineral Districts of Arizona

Crisp, little wear. ~ INTRODUCTION: This index provides a list of mines within each mineral district, as defined in Arizona Bureau of Geology and Mineral Technology Map 18 and Bulletin 194 {Keith and others, 1983a,b). In a mineral-district classification, known metallic mineral occurrences are grouped according to geologic and metallogenic criteria rather than the geographic associations used in the traditional mining-district approach. Ideally, a mineral district should consist of mineral occurrences that have a common origin. A mineral-district classification is especially useful for understanding the geologic setting of mineralization and the distribution of known mineral occurrences with similar geology. A mineral-district map, however, is not a map of mineral' potential. Although understanding the distribution of known mineral deposits is essential in evaluating mineral potential, many other geologic factors must also be considered (Fell ows, 1984). Approximately 5,500 mines are listed in this index. The specific assignments of individual mines to particular mineral districts are made with varying degrees of confidence because the geology of Arizona is complex, incompletely mapped, and poorly understood. We have a high degree of confidence in the assignments of major producers to specific mineral districts, but less confidence in the assignments of mines with minor production or insufficient published descriptions of the geologic settings. In the section on Yavapai County, we have marked those mines for which mineral-district assignments are certain by the symbol "#" to demonstrate the overall accuracy of the compilation. As the understanding of the geology of Arizona and its mineral riches expands, so will the accuracy of mineral-district classifications. The index presented herein consists of a county-by-county list of mines and mineral districts. ~ 92 pages

Title: Mine Index for Metallic Mineral Districts of Arizona

Author(s): J.W. Welty & S.J. Reynolds & S.B. Keith, D.E. Gest & R.A. Trapp & Ed DeWitt

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Publisher: Arizona Bureau of Geology & Mineral Tech: 1985

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