Storage & Care of Books & Games

Tanning example - Temple of Elemental Evil


Humidity is the great enemy of paper. High average humidity levels will rust staples and discolor paper over time. Warm, humid regions pose the greatest danger: Hawaii, Florida, the Gulf Coast. But even cool humid locations like Oregon or Maine are a threat.


Two Temple of Elemental Evil game books at right. Bottom book spent years in a storage locker, no climate control to reduce humidity levels.


Typically, house air conditioning will reduce humidity levels for the safe storage of books. If you live in a humid location you'd certainly want to avoid keeping books in the garage or a storage unit.


Another threat is a direct light source, which can cause fading to exposed surfaces. Definitely avoid sunlight shining on a bookshelf. But even fluorescent lights can fade covers over time.
Other possible threats include bug/mice infestations, or damp basements.
Books should be stored flat - or perfectly vertical - to avoid warping. Hardcovers with large page counts stored vertically can sometimes have their page block sag, damaging the upper binding.
Boxes should be well supported to prevent crushing, or dishing to the upper box lid.