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Image for Abyss Quarterly #50 (Winter '92/'93)

Abyss Quarterly #50 (Winter '92/'93)

By: David Nalle

Price: $19.99

Publisher: Ragnarok Enterprises, 1992

Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ ARTICLES: * NPCs Are People Too! A look at the role of background characters In RPGs * Beneath the Castle of the Evil Overlord An Unusual Gencon Report by Dave Nalle * What Spells are Made of A New Approach to AD&D Magic by Eric Olson * Featured Reviews Dangerous Joruneys, Over the Edge, Amber * Life Among the Trozards Ysgarth World Background by Dave Nalle * Illumination in GURPS A Look at Light and Vision by Robert Hall * Twixt Heaven and... View more info

Image for To Challenge Tomorrow: Fourth Edition Complete Basic Rules

To Challenge Tomorrow: Fourth Edition Complete Basic Rules

By: David F. Nalle

Price: $34.99

Publisher: Ragnarok, 1992

Edition: RAG 6301

VG+ condition. Crisp, glossy cover. ~ Try out some of the dozens of To Challenge Tomorrow settings, such as London by Night for Victorian roleplaying, Challengers for superhero roleplaying, By the Gods for mythological roleplaying, EsperAgents for psychic espionage and many, many others. The new fourth edition To Challenge Tomorrow rules are completely revised and updated. The mechanics have been further streamlined, and for the first time To Challenge Tomorrow is compl... View more info