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Image for Gateways Magazine, Issue 10

Gateways Magazine, Issue 10

By: N/A

Price: $6.99

Publisher: GPI: 1988

Wayne's Books ID: GMMG93gm10

Good+/VG- condition. Light general wear. ~ Aliens; Centurion; The Terminator; Star Trek Next Generation; Gary Gygax on Grandmasters. ~ 72 pages View more info

Image for Dragon Magazine, Issue 104

Dragon Magazine, Issue 104

By: N/A

Price: $3.99

Publisher: TSR: 12/1985

Wayne's Books ID: GMMG01dr104

Crisp, glossy. Marvel Super Heroes module with cardstock character cards still stapled in. ~ Thieves (3 articles); Expanded table for psionic encounters; Ecology of the ochre jelly; Leomund's Tiny Hut - Specialization and Game Balance; Assessing gems and jewelry; Marvel WWII module; Variant rules for the interstellar police in STAR FRONTIERS; Variant rules for using a hex map (Traveller: High Guard); Adapting "The Terminator" for GAMMA WORLD; Kzinti in Star Tre... View more info

Image for All About James Cameron (Japanese Language)

All About James Cameron (Japanese Language)

By: James Cameron

Price: $51.99

Publisher: Ryohei Takahashi: 1990

Wayne's Books ID: SFPB02jc0239

Light cover wear. Nice. ~ Japanese-language book detailing the work of James Cameron up through Terminator 2. English speakers need not despair, as the book has beautiful illustrations on most pages (Color and B&W): Photos from behind the scenes, movie stills, and numerous pieces of concept art. ~ 208 pages View more info

Image for The Terminator

The Terminator

By: Randall Frakes & Bill Wisher & James Cameron

Price: $49.99

Publisher: Bantam Books: 1985

Wayne's Books ID: SFMM93fra174

Good+/VG- condition. Crisp, glossy cover. Little wear. Pages have light general age tanning. ~ 240 pages View more info