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Image for Goodbye, Kankee (Star Ace)

Goodbye, Kankee (Star Ace)

By: A.L. Hayday

Price: $4.99

Publisher: Pacesetter Games, 1984

Edition: PACE 4002

Crisp, glossy cover. Very nice. ~ A STAR ACE game adventure packed with enough action, sizzle, and surprise to challenge any new Star Team rebel and smuggler. Inside you'll ding an exciting story in several linked episodes, each designed for an evening of play. You'll also find character cards, maps, new ships and robots. ~ 32 pages View more info

Image for Lightspeed Raid (Star Ace)

Lightspeed Raid (Star Ace)

By: Mark Acres

Price: $5.99

Publisher: Pacesetter, 1984

Edition: PACE 4003

Still in shrinkwrap, with trivial wear. ~ LIGHTSPEED RAID is a STAR ACE adventure packed with enough action, intrigue and suspense to challenge any Veteran Star Team member. Inside, you'll find a wild and dangerous adventure that takes you on a breakneck interplanetary chase. You'll also find character cards and maps. ~ 32 pages View more info

Image for The Gemini Conspiracy (Star Ace)

The Gemini Conspiracy (Star Ace)

By: Mark Acres

Price: $7.99

Publisher: Pacesetter Games, 1985

Edition: PACE 4006

Still in Factory Shrinkwrap, with trivial wear. ~ The Dort team rumbles down the field of the Colliseum as fur and fists fly. The ball floats upward on a mindwave and the bearish players turn in fierce pursuit. But the ball is lost; in its place looms an enormous, unmarked spacecraft, blocking the sun. The vessel descends slowly onto the feld and armored thugs pour from its belly. Laser beams flash, batons strike. In moments, the ship is gone and so are 150 spectators. ... View more info