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Image for Pacific Rim Sourcebook (Cyberpunk)

Pacific Rim Sourcebook (Cyberpunk)

By: Derek Quintanar & Chris Pasquarette

Price: $17.99

Publisher: R. Talsorian Games: 1994

Edition: RTG 3311

Wayne's Books ID: GMPB02rtg3311

Glossy cover, light general wear. ~ This sourcebook takes Cyberpunk to a whole new place, the Pacific Rim including Australia and New Zealand. ~ 160 pages View more info

Image for Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the World of the Five Planes (Stormbringer)

Corum: Heroic Adventures Across the World of the Five Planes (Stormbringer)

By: Geoff Gillian

Price: $79.99

Publisher: Darcsyde: 2001

Edition: DCS 2000

Wayne's Books ID: GMPB01dcs2000

Crisp, glossy cover. Trivial wear. Very nice. ~ Supplement for Chaosium Inc's 5th edition of the Stormbringer roleplaying game, and is completely compatible with its previous edition, called Elric!. ~ Detailed overviews of the major peoples, creatures and customs. Special rules for chariots, for Sorcery, Contriving and other arcane arts, and for creating other planes of the Multiverse. Three scenarios. ~ 166 pages View more info

Real Wages in 19th and 20th Century Europe: Historical and Comparative Perspectives

By: Scholliers, Peter

Price: $13.99

Publisher: Berg Publishers: 1989

Wayne's Books ID: HSHB01scho2735

Crisp copy, unread. Dustjacket in fresh Mylar. ~ ~ 256 pages View more info