Ents of Fangorn (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP)

Good+ condition. Glossy cover, some spine wear. Unmarked inside. ~ Like the Old Forest of Eriador, Fangorn is a remnant of the forest which once covered Middle-earth. Detailed maps of Wellinghall, the Falls of Mist, the Town and Fortress of Tir Limlight, and the Caverns of Pain. The Ents of Fangorn, powerful tree-herds, and the Barz Thrugrim, a treacherous band that threatens travels through the Wold. ~ 48 pages

Title: Ents of Fangorn (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP)

Author(s): Randell E. Doty & Coleman Charlton & Peter C. Fenlon & Angus McBride

Categories: Children's Fiction,

Publisher catalog ID: ICE 3500

Publisher: Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE): 1987

ISBN: 0915795841

ISBN 13: 9780915795840

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good+

Weight: 0.50 lbs

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP13ice3500