Dungeon Magazine, Issue 28

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Glossy cover, little wear. ~ March/April 1991. The Pipes of Doom (AD&D 6-10: The forces of evil are ready to attack. But first, a musical interlude. An adventure for 5-7); Manden's Meathooks (D&D 4-6: As a bandit gang, they weren 't much. Then they found this magic lantern. A mini-scenario for 3-6); Sleepless (AD&D 9-12: A spell went wrong, the wizard was burned up, and now all sorts of unwanted guests are arriving too); Night of Fear (D&D 1: Most country inns are noted for their charm, peacefulness, and security. But not this one.); Visitors From Above (AD&D-Spelljammer 4-8: A star falls from the heavens, and terror follows in its wake.) ~ 72 pages

Title: Dungeon Magazine, Issue 28


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Publisher: TSR: 1991

ISBN: 1560761229

ISBN 13: 9781560761228

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