Teenagers From Outer Space

By: Michael Pondsmith

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Moderate wear. No mini dice inside (seldom seen in used copies, and I'm not convinced that all copies of this printing were sold with dice.) ~ Complete in this one volume is everything you need to Conquer the Universe, Go Where No Man Has Gone Before, Master Things Man Was Not Meant To Know, Hang Out at the Shopping Malls of Venus, and (every so often), go to your History Class. ~ 80 pages

Title: Teenagers From Outer Space

Author(s): Michael Pondsmith

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: TS 2001

Publisher: R. Talsorian Games: 1987

ISBN: 0937279986

ISBN 13: 9780937279984

Format: Staple Bound

Condition grade: Good

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Wayne's Books ID: GMSP13rtg2001