Bug City (Shadowrun RPG)

Bug City (Shadowrun RPG)

Glossy cover, with very little wear. Chicago map attached. ~ A SHADOWRUN sourcebook that picks up where the novel BURNING BRIGHT left off, with a detailed description of life in the Containment Zone and includes game information on the changes in Chicago's physical and magical nature, profiles of the city's important residents, and expanded rules for the city's terrible ravagers - the Insect spirts themselves. ~ 160 pages

Title: Bug City (Shadowrun RPG)

Author(s): Robert Cruz & Tom Dowd & Mike Nystul & Diane Piron-Gelman & Christopher Kubasik

Categories: Games,

Edition: FASA 7117

Publisher: FASA Corporation: 1995

ISBN: 1555602533

ISBN 13: 9781555602536

Binding: Paperback

Condition grade: Good

lbs: 0.80

Seller ID: GMPB03fasa7117