GURPS Cliffhangers (2nd Edition)

By: Brian J. Underhill

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ GURPS Cliffhangers includes: Background material on the world of the 1920s and '30s, including a detailed timeline and a chapter describing each continent. Rules and guidelines for generating characters with the style and stamina for cliffhanging adventures. Campaign and adventure seeds, including suggestions on adding the cliffhanging style to other genres. Sample characters, both dashing heroes and dastardly villains. ~ 128 pages

Title: GURPS Cliffhangers (2nd Edition)

Author(s): Brian J. Underhill

Categories: Games,

Publisher catalog ID: SJG 6027

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games: 2002

ISBN: 1556345895

ISBN 13: 9781556345890

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Fine

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