Cults of Prax: 15 Religions for Runequest

By: Steve Perrin & Greg Stafford

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Map cover edition (ca. 1981). Crisp, glossy cover. Little wear. No writing. Nice. ~ Fifteen cults are detailed. A special chapter offers guidelines for designing additional religions. There are many appendices, including a day-by-day sun-time calendar. Descriptions combine sociology, religion, poetry, and magic to construct the critically important balance between realism and playability necessary for a full, flavorful campaign. The data within offers player-characters unique opportunities to advance themselves without killing monsters if they so wish, and provides details of the everyday lives of non-player characters. No other work available rivals Cults of Prax either in imaginative scope or in fine detail. ~ 112 pages

Title: Cults of Prax: 15 Religions for Runequest

Author(s): Steve Perrin & Greg Stafford

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Publisher catalog ID: CHA 4008

Publisher: Chaosium: 1981

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