The Sorcerer's Scrolls #11 (Jan. 1986)

By: Tori Berquist & Russ Heller

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Crisp, little wear. ~ Fanzine in support of classic D&D/AD&D roleplaying. CONTENTS: EDITORIAL by Tori Bergquist * FROM THE LABS OF SAUROB by Tori Bergquist * FEATURED REVIEW: DELUXE CAR WARS by Russ Heller * BLACK GOLD by Carla Jensen * KEVDO THE SAVAGES DUNGEON OF ROCK 'N ROLL HORRORS * BLOD DUTY by Mike Stackpole * DA SAVAGE SPEAKETH by Kevin Crossman * STRANGE BEINGS OF THE KULTIVERSE by Robb Jackson * THE HISTORY OF LINGUSIA by Tori Bergquist * COYOTE GETS THE BUFFALOES FROM CROW by Tori Bergquist ~ 33 pages

Title: The Sorcerer's Scrolls #11 (Jan. 1986)

Author(s): Tori Berquist & Russ Heller

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Publisher: 1/1986

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