Green Races: A Monstrous Campaign Setting (D20 System)

By: Timothy Brown & James Ward

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Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous. ~ D20 System campaign setting where monstrous races vie for power and control of its many dungeons, ruins, caverns, and lairs. Fifteen unique Green Races factions - goblins, ogres, gnolls, trolls, and more - are fully described with background, exciting new prestige classes, armies, and a dungeon lair to protect. ~ 224 pages

Title: Green Races: A Monstrous Campaign Setting (D20 System)

Author(s): Timothy Brown & James Ward

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Publisher catalog ID: FAF2500

Publisher: Fast Forward Entertainment: 2002

ISBN: 0971959811

ISBN 13: 9780971959811

Format: Hardcover

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