Towers of Adventure (Castles & Crusades)

By: James M. Ward

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Box is crisp, glossy, square. Gorgeous! 3 booklets, map, 2d10 all unused. ~ This boxed set includes the following: *Book one is a set of illustrated towers. *Book two contains adventure hooks to get your players to move within the tower. *Book three contains many different levels of treasure and traps to further detail out your tower. * The poster map is designed for use with miniatures

Title: Towers of Adventure (Castles & Crusades)

Author(s): James M. Ward

Categories: Other,

Publisher catalog ID: TLG 8313

Publisher: Troll Lord Games: 2008

ISBN: 1929474199

ISBN 13: 9781929474196

Format: BOX SET

Condition grade: Fine

Weight: 1.00 lbs

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