Sexual Twilight

By: Anne Herbert

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Crisp condition, unread. ~ NO MAN COULD SATISFY HER... No woman could fulfill her. Lillian belonged to the oddest sexual twilight - a lesbian in love with a man. Lillian needed John, wanted John - but she wanted, she had to have, her lesbian lovers more. Like the young girl she found in a "gay" bar, and took home to initiate into the ecstasy of homosexual love. Or the older woman with the bizarre variations on the usual lesbian love-making. When Lillian first met Cathy, it was just a casual pickup, to last a single lust-filled night. But Cathy was different - when she was finished, she had lured Lillian into the strangest sex triangle of all! ~ 156 pages

Title: Sexual Twilight

Author(s): Anne Herbert

Categories: Other,

Publisher: Softcover Library: 1968

Format: Paperback

Condition grade: Fine

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