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 1.  Dragon Magazine, Issue 60 TSR 4/1982 Very Good; Little wear. Flight of the Boodles game present, uncut.  
Features: Flight of the Boodles game; Several articles about elves; Firearms in AD&D. ; 80 pages 
Price: 4.99 USD


 2.  Dungeons of Mystery (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Accessory GR2) TSR 9365 TSR Hobbies 1992 New; Still in Factory Shrinkwrap!  
This box contains 24 sheets of fold-up dungeon rooms, compatible with any role-playing game or miniatures scenario. Also included are three two-sided color mapsheets with dungeon layouts and underground terrains to situate the dungeon rooms. In addition, a 64-page booklet contains instructions for building and using the fold-ups, plus numerous tips on dungeon design.  
Price: 54.99 USD


 3.  Level Up Magazine, Issue 1 (4th Edition D&D) Goodman Games 4/2009 New;  
; 56 pages 
Price: 4.99 USD


 4.  Travellers' Digest, Issue 19 (Traveller RPG) Digest Group Publications (DGP) 1990 New; Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous.  
Contents: Out of the Night, Feature Adventure; MegaTraveller Adventure — The Possession Ball; Traveller Q&A; Travel without a Starship — Beginner's Luck; In Defense of the Solomani — The Rebel Reporter; Riftspan Reaches Sector Map, Library Data; Deneb Sector Map, Library Data; Cach and Carry; Affordable Transport, Part 1 — Tech Briefs; Vilani High Fashion; 2300AD — Q&A; 2300AD — Russian Orbital Marines. ; 56 pages 
Price: 14.99 USD


 5.  Los Asesinos de Dol Amroth (Tierra Media) JOC 303 JOC Internacional 1990 Very Good;  
Spanish language edition of "The Assassins of Dol Amroth" for the Middle Earth Role Playing Game. ; 32 pages 
Price: 49.99 USD



 6.  Classic Battletech: Aerotech 2 Revised FANP 35011 Fanpro 2004 Very Good; Sheet of counters still attached to back cover.  
; 168 pages 
Price: 16.99 USD



 7.  Challenge Magazine Issue 29 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1987 Fair; HEAVY COVER WEAR. One article has highlighting. Strictly a reading copy.  
; 48 pages 
Price: 3.99 USD


 8.  Sturm über dem Meer von Rhûn (Mittel Erde: Abenteuer) Queen Games 1989 Very Good; German-language version of "Perils on the Sea of Rhun" for MERP.  
; 64 pages 
Price: 29.99 USD


 9.  Fluch über dem Ered Nimrais (Mittel Erde: Abenteuer) Queen Games 1987 Very Good; German-language version of "Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings" for MERP.  
; 48 pages 
Price: 24.99 USD


 10.  Glorantha: Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars (Runequest) AH 8585 Avalon Hill 1988 Very Good; COMPLETE: All three books + map. Box is square, with mild wear. Contents unused, though book two and the map have a hint of spotting, very trivial, but needs to be noted.  
CONTENTS: * Glorantha Book * Genertela Book * Players' Book for Genertela * Map of Genertela  
Price: 59.99 USD


 11.  Warhammer 1996 Citadel Miniatures Catalog Games Workshop 1996 Very Good;  
; 176 pages 
Price: 16.99 USD


 12.  Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Instant Rub-Down Picture Transfers, Series II (Player Characters) TSR 1600-4 TSR Hobbies 1981 Very Good; Unopened in plastic packaging, which has become cloudy from age. Transfers inside seem alright, colors bright.  
Colorful characters and creatures taken directly from the exciting, adventurous world of ADVANCED DUNGEONS & DRAGONS fantasy role-playing games by TSR Hobbies, Inc. Adults and children into Role Playing and Adventure Games or just into fun will find Picture Transfers a super accessory for gaming activities or fun to use in decorating letters, envelopes, school books, notebooks, lunch boxes, bicycles, auto windows, posters, drinking mugs or other personal articles.  
Price: 9.99 USD


 13.  Interplay Magazine: The Metagamer Dialogues, Issue 5 Metagaming 1982 Very Good; Crisp, nice. Magazine published in support of Metagaming's game line: The Fantasy Trip, and other Microgames.  
Price: 22.99 USD


 14.  Warhosts: Gaming in Middle-earth (Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game) Games Workshop 2006 Very Good;  
This supplement explains the guidelines and tactics for playing warhost games of The Lord of The Rings, the standard system of play in U.S. Hobby Centers, tournaments, and events. ; 32 pages 
Price: 14.99 USD



 15.  Trinity Introductory Kit WW 9582 White Wolf Pub 1997 Very Good;  
; 24 pages 
Price: 2.89 USD


 16.  Buck Rogers XXVc: The 25th Century Science Fiction Role Playing Game - PLAY SET TSR 3562 TSR Hobbies 1990 Fair; A HEAVILY USED SET. Seems complete, except missing the clear plastic measuring overlay. Some of the cards are wrinkled, the Technology Book has a few spots in the back, etc. No dice of course. Box is battered, but intact. Strictly a cheap Play set.  
CONTENTS: Characters & Combat, The World Book, The Technology Book, 4 maps, 24 large cards, die-cut counters, and a ref's screen.  
Price: 29.99 USD


 17.  Open Fire: Game of Solitaire Tank Combat in WWII [BOX SET] VG 30025 Victory Games 1987 Fine; Complete, crisp set. Appears to have been used once. Counters punched, bagged, verified complete.  
CONTENTS: * 210 Counters * 1 22"x32" Mapsheet * 1 Rules Booklet * 1 Paragraph Booklet * 79 Unit Characteristics Cards * 1 Mission Cartridge * 1 Cartridge View Sleeve * 1 Platoon Record Sheet Pad * 1 8"x32" Display Sheet * 2 Decimal Dice * 1 Counter Storage Tray  
Price: 39.99 USD



 18.  Challenge Magazine Issue 60 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) May 1992 Fair; HEAVY COVER WEAR. Strictly a reading copy.  
ARTICLES: 2300AD * X-Wing Down BATTLETECH * It Takes All Kinds CALL OF CTHULHU * Madness from the Mythos CYBERPUNK * Hot Metal Rain DARK CONSPIRACY * Samedi Night Fever SHADOWRUN * Vampires! SPACE 1889 * Cult of Doom STAR TREK * Enlisted Character Generation STAR WARS * Character Templates MEGATRAVELLER * Wet Navy * Ships of he Black War TWILIGHT 2000 * Sailing * One Night in the City (Merc: 2000) ; 80 pages 
Price: 2.99 USD


 19.  City System Map Set (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms Accessory) TSR 1040 TSR Hobbies 1988 Very Good; Crisp, square box; little wear. All 12 maps + booklet present, crisp.  
Waterdeep is detailed in no less than 10 expanded maps, embellished with typical building interiors suitable for use in any campaign setting. In addition, a full-size poster of Waterdeep is provided, along with a grand-scale three-dimensional map of Castle Waterdeep, hub of the city's government. In addition to all these maps, a 32-page City System booklet provides encounters and street scenes, special features and details of Waterdeep, and methods for creating types of buildings in moments and filling the pockets of those unfortunate enough to get in a player character's way.  
Price: 44.99 USD


 20.  Marvel Super Heroes: Advanced Set TSR 6871 TSR 1992 Fair; Actually a Good condition set, but I graded it down because is is MISSING a sheet of character stand-ups. All of the character cards are present. Both books have light use wear. Map is in great shape. Box has some edge/corner wear, dishing; art in good shape. A Play set.  
Price: 69.99 USD


 21.  Spell Law (Rolemaster) ICE 1200 Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) 1984 Very Good; Glossy cover, light wear on back cover. Unmarked inside.  
SPELL LAW is now a single mighty tome, including over 2000 spell descriptions for three realms of power, covering 15 character classes; detailed alchemy rules; individual spell attack tables; and rules for the use of magic items in a campaign. ; 112 pages 
Price: 14.99 USD


 22.  Challenge Magazine, Issue 67 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1992 Good; Light spine wear. Price sticker. Coover art in nice shape.  
ARTICLES: 2300AD * Old Enemies BATTLETECH * On the Cutting Edge CALL OF CTHULHU * Death on the Docks CYBERPUNK * What Goes Up DARK CONSPIRACY * Mall Rats HIGH COLONIES * Soldier Ants (CONVERTING BETWEEN GAME SYSTEMS) * Changelings SHADOWRUN * Nega-Magicians SPACE: 1889 * To Rescue a Lady Fair STAR WARS * Buried Treasure MEGATRAVELLER * Wolf in Sheep's Clothing * Personal Weapons * Outback TWILIGHT: 2000 * Operation Boomerang * All that Glitters ; 88 pages 
Price: 5.99 USD


 23.  LBB1: Mercenary (Mongoose Traveller) MGP 3841 Mongoose Publishing 2010 New; Crisp, glossy, gorgeous.  
; 108 pages 
Price: 11.99 USD


 24.  LBB4: Psion (Mongoose Traveller) MGP 3846 Mongoose Publishing 2010 New; Crisp, glossy, gorgeous.  
; 98 pages 
Price: 10.99 USD


 25.  GURPS CthulhuPunk: Ancient Horror Crawls into the Dark Future SJG 6070 Steve Jackson Games 2001 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous.  
The classic horror of the Cthulhu Mythos meets the dark future of cyberpunk . . . CthulhuPunk! The investigators now have supercomputers, cyborged bodies, and deadly new hand weapons - but the breakdown of society has given the malevolent entities of the Mythos new breeding grounds for corruption and decay. Produced in cooperation with Chaosium, Inc., GURPS CthulhuPunk provides a complete game world, as well as all the important entities, monsters, spells and malevolent tomes from Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu, converted into GURPS terms. ; 128 pages 
Price: 44.99 USD


 26.  War Captain's Companion (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Spelljammer) TSR 1072 TSR Hobbies 1992 Very Good; COMPLETE BOX SET: 3 booklets, 2 maps, cardstock sheets and unpunched marker and ship sheets. Box has light general wear.  
Combat in Fantasy Space!  
Price: 26.99 USD


 27.  Star Fleet Battles Tactics Manual TFG 3025 Task Force Games 1987 Very Good; Glossy cover, mild wear. Unmarked inside.  
Six departments: * Power & Energy * Fire Power * Manuever * Foreign Tactics * Class Tactics * Special Subjects. ; 96 pages 
Price: 12.99 USD


 28.  Alternity Gamemaster Guide / Player's Handbook Fast Play Rules TSR 1998 Very Good;  
Two-sided flip magazine style guide ; 20 pages 
Price: 2.99 USD


 29.  Different Worlds, Issue 6: The Magazine of Game Role-playing Chaosium 1980 Good; A handful of spine bends.  
CONTENTS: Gangster; Super Rules for Superhero 44; Finding Level in Runequest by Ray Turney; How to Make Monsters Interesting by Lee Gold; Vardy Combat System, Part 1 by John Sapienza; The World of Crane; The Cult of Gestetner by Greg Costikyan; more. ; 39 pages 
Price: 9.99 USD


 30.  Autoduel Quarterly: Vol. 5, No. 2 (Car Wars) SJG 8718 Steve Jackson Games 1987 Very Good;  
ARTICLES: * Excerpts from the North American Road Atlas and Survival Guide, 3rd Edition: SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA by James Cambias * Daddy's Girl by Ramona Richards * Boats in Car Wars by Gary L. Canterbury, David W. Dyche, and Michael Lee Merritt * Writing a Solo Adventure by Steve Jackson ; 48 pages 
Price: 4.99 USD


 31.  Dungeon Master Guide (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, 2nd Edition Revised) TSR 2160 TSR Hobbies 1995 Fine; Black cover edition. Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous.  
; 256 pages 
Price: 16.99 USD


 32.  Neo Tribes: The Nomads of North America (Cyberpunk) CP 3371 R. Talsorian Games 1995 Good; Moderate wear. No writing. A great Play copy.  
; 96 pages 
Price: 9.99 USD


 33.  Dungeon Magazine, Issue 38 TSR Hobbies 1992 Very Good;  
November/December 1992. Adventures: * A Blight on the Land by Richard Green (AD&D 2E Adventure - 8-12 level - 50 total); * Things That Go Bump in the Night by Rich Stump (AD&D 2E Adventure - 3-7 level - 25 total); * Pandora's Apprentice by Leonard Wilson (AD&D 2E Adventure - 1-5 level - 15 total); * Horror's Harvest by Christopher Perkins (AD&D 2E Ravenloft Adventure - 2-4 level - 18 total) ; 72 pages 
Price: 5.99 USD


 34.  Dragon Magazine, Issue 49 TSR Hobbies May 1981 Very Good; Light cover wear. Centerfold feature still attached.  
ARTICLES: A Hildebrandt Brother — Tim talks about his art, his life, and the creation of fantasy (centerfold special attraction); Samurai: An honorable NPC; Getting a world into shape — Polyhedrals with paper; Historical names make for better games; Monster mixing: AD&D creatures adapted for Chivalry & Sorcery; Best wishes — Principles for proper wishing; Travel & threads for DragonQuest; The Alchemist NPC; more. ; 92 pages 
Price: 4.49 USD


 35.  Fate of Istus (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons/Greyhawk module WG8) - PLAY COPY TSR 9253 TSR 1989 Fair; HEAVY COVER WEAR. No writing inside. Strictly a working copy.  
; 128 pages 
Price: 7.99 USD


 36.  Grey Worlds Vol. 1 Issue II (A Magazine for the games of Iron Crown Enterprises) GW 02 Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) 1/1994 Very Good; Glossy cover, little wear.  
Mistaken Identity - Adventure for Rolemaster. Ramming Rules for Silent Death. Reality of Illusions. Channeling - Gods, Cults & Priesthoods. ; 64 pages 
Price: 7.99 USD


 37.  Assyrian Cavalry: Biblical Era 1/72 Scale Caesar Miniatures New;  
24 Pieces 1/72 Scale. Unpainted.  
Price: 11.99 USD


 38.  Cyberpunk DataPack Utility RT 04130 R. Talsorian Games 2005 New; Still sealed.  
C3 DataPack. Need to get your character together? The DataPack Utility is a unique way of recording Cyberpunk game characters; combining Character Sheets and a storage system in one easy format! The DataPack contains: * 6 DossierPack envelopes - enough for 6 Characters: Now everything your chararacter needs is in one place! * 6 sets of Altcult Sheets. All the Altcult Sheets you'll need for recording your Giri, Gear and Good Stuff!  
Price: 5.99 USD



 39.  Trinity Field Report: Psi Laws (Trinity Field Reports Series , No 3) WW 9203 White Wolf Pub 1999 Very Good;  
; 24 pages 
Price: 6.99 USD



 40.  The Body Bank: Character Compendium #2 (Cyberspace) ICE 5104 Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) 1990 New; Still in Factory Shrinkwrap!  
"The Body Bank contains 27 characters with the following features: • Personal Data: Looks, demeanor, background and undertakings are provided in concise text. • Stats & Specs: Each character is given his or her game statistics, modifiers, combat specs and more. • Groups: Two organizations are examined in The Body Bank: Philanthropic Epitaph and The Cat House."  
Price: 1.29 USD


 41.  Map Folio One (Dungeons & Dragons) WTC 88648 Wizards of the Coast 2004 Very Good; Complete, crisp set. Cover folder has light wear.  
Price: 22.99 USD


 42.  Crouching Hamster, Hidden Translation ICG 7315 Inner City Games Designs 2002 New; Still in ziploc, unused.  
A strange game of Martial Arts and poor dialog dubbing for 2 to 8 players!  
Price: 9.99 USD


 43.  Gammarauders: Game of Creatures and Chaos (Gamma World) [BOX SET] TSR 7015 TSR 1987 Good; Complete, except missing the 12 bioborg stand-ups (you could easily make up some yourself using reduced scans of the cards). Otherwise a VG condition set. ~ Contains 6 double-sided bioborg cards (12 bioborgs total); 12 playing board hexagons; 200 counters; Fortress display cards; 12-page rule booklet; 20-page history booklet; 108 playing cards. Box is square, crisp, with little wear.  
Price: 29.99 USD


 44.  Krieg! - World War II in Europe DG 1006 Decision Games 1996 Very Good; Complete, and then some. Rules booklet, 2 maps, charts, 126 cards (rules booklet states 101 cards), dice, counters neatly bagged. Box has light wear, looks good.  
Price: 24.99 USD


 45.  The Forgotten Realms Campaign Set (AD&D/Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) TSR 1031 TSR Hobbies 1987 Good; BOX SET has edge/corner wear, rubs; some lid-dishing. COMPLETE: Both books and 4 maps and clear overlay present, lightly used. A great Play set.  
Price: 34.99 USD


 46.  Dragon Magazine, Issue 102 TSR Hobbies 10/1985 New; Crisp, glossy.  
; 96 pages 
Price: 6.99 USD



 47.  Police Guide to Lock Picking & Improvised Lock Picks Desert Publications 1976 Very Good;  
; 60 pages 
Price: 39.99 USD


 48.  Star Frontiers: Knight Hawks - MISSING COUNTERS TSR 7011 TSR 1983 Fair; MISSING COUNTERS. Otherwise complete, with all listed items (except dice of course). Booklets have moderate wear, no writing. Box is worn; art in decent shape. Strictly a cheap Play set.  
A more starship-combat-oriented addition to Star Frontiers. BOX CONTENTS: * Campaign book * UPF Tactical Operations Manual * An introductory module, "Warriors of the White Light." * Poster Map * Counters  
Price: 19.99 USD


 49.  Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine Issue #29 1995 Very Good; Glossy cover, mild wear.  
; 64 pages 
Price: 6.99 USD


 50.  The Avengers Roster Book (Marvel Super Heroes/SAGA) TSR 6930 TSR 1998 Very Good; Glossy cover. some rubs on back cover, but not the front. Unmarked inside.  
This roster book, an accessory for the MARVEL SUPER HEROES Adventure Game, ís a reference guide to many of the most popular characters from the World's Greatest Comics. Narrators and players can use them to launchtheir favorite heroes and villains into exciting roleplaying scenarios. Highlights of this book include: * Overviews of the Avengers' history, equipment, and personalities, * Details on the Thunderbolts, Asgardians, Lightning Rods, Masters of Evil, and many more. * Descriptions and game statistics for more than 100 of the Avengers' allies and enemies. * Action-packed illustrations by the Marvel Bullpen! ; 142 pages 
Price: 32.99 USD


 51.  Challenge Magazine Issue 68 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1992 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous.  
ARTICLES: 2300AD * Bugout BATTLETECH * Fire on the Mountain CHILL * Operation: 9 Hells CYBERPUNK * Street-Slang Dictionary DARK CONSPIRACY * Window of the Mind HIGH COLONIES * Kleptomania SHADOWRUN * Zoned Out * New Shamanic Totems SPACE 1889 * Science Marches On * Exogamous Mating STAR WARS * Parts is Parts MEGATRAVELLER * Lightning Never Strikes Twice * Mercenary Supermart * For the Union Blue TWILIGHT 2000 * Poppies * Rolf MacKenzie ; 88 pages 
Price: 11.99 USD


 52.  The Duel (Frank Herbert's Dune Game: Expansion Module 8242) AH 8242 Avalon Hill 1984 Very Good; Nearly complete set, with rules, 6 leader discs, play board, 25 dueling cards, and 5 Treachery cards. Missing the six blocking tokens, but seriously, if you can't come up with 6 white counters and draw wavy lines on them, your grognard membership is revoked! See photo.  
This expansion set introduces the intrigue and suspense of a Dueling Arena to the struggle for control of Dune. Players may call each other into formal blood feuds which result in duels to the death between two leaders. Leaders from all other players must attend the duel as seconds and will gain spice or lose their lives according to the results.  
Price: 79.99 USD



 53.  BC, Alberta, Yukon (National Geographic Map: Close Up Canada) National Geographic Society 4/1978 Good;  
National Geographic Map: Close Up Canada Series -- British Columbia, Alberta and Yukon Terr. [1] (04/1978)  
Price: 0.89 USD


 54.  Dragon Magazine, Issue 85 TSR Hobbies 5/1984 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. AD&D module Twofold Talisman still stapled in.  
Twofold Talisman (AD&D module); Cleric Collection (3 articles); Ecology of the Ixitxachitl; Stone's Throw Away (Dragonlance fiction); more. ; 96 pages 
Price: 4.99 USD


 55.  Kasserine: Rommel's Battle for Tunisia, 1943 (The Desert War in North Africa) GMT 0010 GMT 2001 New; Still in Factory Shrinkwrap.  
The system is an amalgamation of Vance von Borries's Invasion: Sicily (including the extremely importantly efficiency ratings) and East Front System (Typhoon; Barbarossa Trilogy), with some accommodation for the smaller scale; the game should be quite familiar to veterans of these games. The game itself is graphically perhaps the most stunning of all of GMT's games, with very attractive and functional counters and maps.  
Price: 99.99 USD


 56.  Frank Chadwick's Blood & Thunder (First Battle Series) Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1992 Very Good; Complete box set. Box has light wear. Contents crisp. Counter sheets are unpunched, though a couple have blocks of counters coming loose.  
Price: 49.99 USD


 57.  Challenge Magazine, Issue 50 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1991 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. Very nice.  
ARTICLES: SPECIAL INSERT Challenge Index 2300AD * Operation Back Door, pt. 2 * The Ylii CYBERPUNK * Through the Looking Glass Eye GURPS * Wearing the Steel - Powered Armor SHADOWRUN * Numberunner (fiction) SPACE: 1889 * Thymiamata: 1889, pt. 2 STAR TREK * Tribble Maker MEGATRAVELLER * No Time to Rest * Law in the Imperium * Behind Blue Eyes, pt. 2 TWILIGHT: 2000 * If You Go Into the Woods Today... * Water Rights ; 96 pages 
Price: 8.99 USD


 58.  Macross II: Spacecraft Deck Plans, Volume Three Pall 594 Palladium 1994 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous.  
* Floor plans for the Macross Interdimensional Space Fortress. * Floor plans for Moon Base and Armd Platform. * Floor plans for the U.N. Spacy Headquarters. * Floor plans & layout for Culture Park. * Size chart and combat data. * A short adventure and adventure ideas. ; 64 pages 
Price: 49.99 USD


 59.  Adventure Gaming Magazine, Issue 6 (December 1981) Manzakk Publishing 12/1981 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous.  
Contents include: "Stranded on Arden" - a short adventure for TRAVELLER by Marc Miller; "Variant Rules for WAR IN EUROPE" by Steve List; "Table-Top Replay: Speculative History: Mexico vs. Republic of Texas — 1841" by Samuel T. Gill; "The Zentag Connection - close combat in TRAVELLER" by J. D. Webster; "RIPs In The TRAVELLER Universe - rebels, insurgents & partisans: variant NPCs" by Rick D. Stuart; "Beer & Pretzels - Games I Have Loved and Loathed - a paean to games played simply for fun" by Timothy Kask; "ACEing Up RICHTHOFEN'S WAR - combining ACE OF ACES and RW" by Jeffrey H. Simpson ; 46 pages 
Price: 5.99 USD


 60.  Living Greyhawk Journal #4 (D&D) Wizards of the Coast 2000 Fine; Crisp. Mailing label on cover.  
[May 2001] Articles: Clerkburg; Silent Ones of Keoland. Creatures detailed: Dune Stalkers, Necrophidius Ophidian Golem, Nyrrian boatcrushers, Quallan. ; 32 pages 
Price: 19.99 USD


 61.  Skinners (Deadlands: The Weird West) PEG 9008 Pinnacle Entertainment Group 1999 New;  
; 64 pages 
Price: 4.89 USD



 62.  National Geographic Coastal California Map National Geographic Society 7/1993 Very Good; July 1993 National Geographic map.  
Price: 0.89 USD


 63.  Challenge Magazine Issue 54 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1991 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. Gorgeous.  
ARTICLES: 2300AD * Master Race BATTLETECH Ghosts in the Machines CALL OF CTHULHU * Deep Trouble CYBERPUNK 2020 * It Came From Cyberspace DARK CONSPIRACY * Your Own Worst Enemy MEGATRAVELLER * To Sleep, Perchance to Scream * Wet Navy, part 2 SHADOWRUN * A Dark and Cyber Night SPACE: 1889 * City of Death TWILIGHT: 2000 * Seeing is Believing * Terror in the Jungle (Merc: 2000) ; 80 pages 
Price: 6.99 USD


 64.  Dragon Magazine, Issue 118 TSR Hobbies 2/1987 New; Nibar's Keep centerfold game still stapled in. Crisp, glossy.  
; 104 pages 
Price: 4.99 USD


 65.  Trollpak: Troll Facts, Secrets and Adventures (Runequest) AH 8586 Avalon Hill 1988 Very Good; COMPLETE: All listed items present, crisp, nice. Book 2 has a couple of trivial spots on the cover. Box is glossy, square, very little wear. Nice.  
CONTENTS: * Thunderbreath Gobbleguts Menu * Uz Lore * The Book of Uz * The Munchrooms * Map of Dagori Inkarth * Olag Stonecrusher's Map * Troll adventurer sheets  
Price: 79.99 USD



 66.  League of Merchants (Space Master RPG) ICE 9700 Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) 1988 Very Good; Glossy cover, little wear.  
LEAGUE OF MERCHANTS includes: * Corporate Readout sheets of League Controlled Companies * Detailed layouts of Starhaven Space Station * Five Complete Adventures * Profiles and stats on League Officials * Two Full-page Starmaps. ; 64 pages 
Price: 9.99 USD


 67.  Classic Battletech Handbook: House Davion FAN 35024 Fanpro 2007 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover. Nice.  
; 204 pages 
Price: 27.99 USD


 68.  Dragon Magazine, Issue 113 TSR Hobbies 9/1986 New; Flying dragon kit model sheets uncut and still stapled in. Crisp, glossy.  
; 104 pages 
Price: 6.49 USD


 69.  Gamemaster Handbook (Star Wars RPG) WEG 40065 West End Games 1993 Very Good; Glossy cover, little wear. Unmarked inside.  
Compatible with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game, Second Edition. A complete guidebook on how to bring the Star Wars universe to life. ; 128 pages 
Price: 21.99 USD


 70.  Earthdawn Journal, Vol 7 Sword of the Knight Publications 1996 Very Good; Crisp, glossy cover. Little wear. Nice.  
July 1996. Articles: Tesrae Ti'Serenmistishsa - Citadel of the True Followers by Andrew Ragland; On Dinganni Spiritualism - Exploring the depths of Dinganni society by Brian McCallister; From the Library of Victoris Wiseman - A selection of items by Timothy Reynolds; Sarabrennos' Spellbook - A selection of spells by Aaron Sullivan Pattern Patter; A discourse on patterns by David R. Henry; The Protector of Kaer Tallin - An encounter by Brian McCallister; And the Path Shall be Perilous - An adventure by Kenyon Daniel; Brazt'ul-char - A "friendly" Horror by David R. Henry; Truaga'ar - A town of trolls by Dan Allard; Outcasts - A pair of dwarven outcasts to encounter by Aaron Porter  
Price: 19.99 USD


 71.  The Space Gamer Magazine, Issue 67 Steve Jackson Games 1984 Very Good; Crisp, mild cover wear. Counter sheet for Interdiction Station still attached in the centerfold. Nice.  
Interdiction Station (complete game); Orbit War - Advanced Rules and Designer's Notes; Murphy's Rules; reviews; more. ; 44 pages 
Price: 12.99 USD



 72.  Fightball: Cavaliers vs Team Sport CAG 522 CAG Very Good; Case has light dings. Cards crisp.  
Price: 3.99 USD



 73.  Ontario (National Geographic Map: Close Up Canada) National Geographic Society 12/1978 Good;  
National Geographic Map: Close Up Canada Series -- Ontario [2] (12/1978)  
Price: 0.39 USD


 74.  Six Angles, Issue 8 (Issue Game: Kharkov 1941-43) - JAPANESE 2003 New; Complete, crisp, with map and unpunched counter sheets.  
Issue Game: Kharkov 1941-43 - JAPANESE ; 56 pages 
Price: 23.99 USD



 75.  Southern Record Sheets One: Gears & Striders (Heavy Gear Supplement) DP9-028 Dream Pod 9 1997 Fine;  
; 112 pages 
Price: 8.99 USD



 76.  Challenge Magazine Issue 41 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1989 Fair; HEAVY COVER WEAR. Strictly a reading copy.  
ARTICLES: 2300AD * Macrocombat * The Sweet Trade in Space: Piracy SPACE: 1889 * Surprise at Clearwater * The Puzzle of the Shard STAR TREK * Dragon's Flight STAR WARS * Paid in Full MEGATRAVELLER * The Madlash TWILIGHT: 2000 * The Village WARHAMMER 40,000 * Iceriver Guards Chapter ; 80 pages 
Price: 2.99 USD


 77.  Uncle Albert's Auto Stop & Gunnery Shop: 2035 Catalog (Car Wars) SJG 7116 Steve Jackson Games 1985 Very Good;  
Since 2027, Uncle Albert's Auto Stop and Gunnery Shop has given autoduellists everywhere the state-of-the-art weaponry, defenses, and accessories they've come to depend on for success in the arena and survival on the road. Now Uncle Albert proudly presents his newest, largest, most up-to-date catalog of items for the discriminating duellist! Here, grouped into four easy-to-find categories – Offense, Defense, Accessories, and Personal Items – are the ram plates, radios, radar, flamethrowers, fireproof armor, targeting scopes, tank guns, and other old favorites that have achieved international popularity. And wait till you see our new research breakthroughs, scattered throughout the catalog! They're all fully tested – and guaranteed! ; 40 pages 
Price: 3.99 USD


 78.  Chivalry & Sorcery Gamemaster's Shield JG 250 Judges Guild 1980 Very Good; Crisp, little wear.  
Two 3-panel screens, with tables on both sides.  
Price: 9.99 USD



 79.  Adversaries & Allies (The Chronicles of Ramlar) WSP 0011 White Silver Publishing 2007 Very Good;  
; 226 pages 
Price: 14.99 USD


 80.  Hellsing: Ultimate Fan Guide #2 (BESM) GOO 02-911 Guardians of the Order 2002 New;  
This authorized reference guide features detailed episode summaries, in depth character profiles, setting and theme analysis, and role-playing character sheets for Guardians Of Order's popular Big Eyes, Small Mouth anime RPG. With hundreds of full-color images from the series, this book is the definitive English-language resource book for Hellsing. The second of two in a series. Covers episodes 7-13. ; 80 pages 
Price: 9.99 USD


 81.  The ArkleTome: A New Supplement For Fantasy Game Role Players Arkren Research Foundation 1990 Very Good; Book has little wear. The covers of these books react with handling, discoloring the black cover. This one has very little, just a couple inches along the spine, making this ArkleTome one of the better ones you'll see on the web. Interior is brilliant white, unmarked.  
A rare, small-press accessory book intended for 1st edition AD&D. ; 90 pages 
Price: 79.99 USD


 82.  Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons / Ravenloft Accessory RR5) TSR 9355 TSR Hobbies 1992 New; Still in Factory Shrinkwrap! Gorgeous.  
Dr. Van Richten tells all that he has discovered about the incorporeal undead. He explains their origins, the passions that draw them back from beyond the grave, and the horrible powers bestowed upon them in unlife. In addition, he offers his wise counsel on the ways in which these fiends can be stalked, confronted, and destroyed. Be careful, for these ghosts are not simple, moaning spirits of darkest night. These are the ghosts of Ravenloft. ; 96 pages 
Price: 5.99 USD


 83.  Vortext Magazine, Issue 1 (Spring 1991) Vortext Publishing 1991 Very Good;  
Premier Issue. Cthulhu Now; Shadow World; Worlds Beyond; more. ; 32 pages 
Price: 5.99 USD



 84.  Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers (Sword Sorcery: Scarred Lands) WW 8322 White Wolf Pub 2001 Very Good;  
; 128 pages 
Price: 9.99 USD


 85.  Word of the Pillars (Tribe 8) DP9-808 Dream Pod 9 1999 New;  
Joan the Warrior and Tera Sheba the Wise are arguably the most powerful of the Seven Fatimas and are the Fallen's most dogged enemies. Their tribes are also full and rich societies, who play important roles in the history and shape of Vimary. Word of the Pillars serves as both a sourcebook and player's guide for these two important tribes. Learn their secret histories, rites and rituals; meet their most important members; and understand just why they have adopted a hard line against the Fallen. ; 80 pages 
Price: 5.99 USD


 86.  Challenge Magazine Issue 69 Game Designers Workshop (GDW) 1993 Very Good; Crisp, glossy cover. Nice.  
ARTICLES: 2300 AD * Repo Men BATTLETECH * Infantry and Field Weapons CYBERPUNK * Tigr Happy DARK CONSPIRACY * Road Work PARANOIA * Operation: Aurora SHADOWRUN * Who's On First SPACE: 1889 * Melas MEGATRAVELLER * Passing of the Flame * Good, Bad and Vilani * Special Insert: When Empires Fall II TWILIGHT: 2000 * Avery's Raiders * Operation: Point Man ; 88 pages 
Price: 6.99 USD


 87.  Umbar: Haven of the Corsairs (MERP/Middle Earth Role Playing) ICE 2400 Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) 1982 Very Good; Ultra-rare MERP accessory. Massive double-sided, color FOLD-OUT MAP detached, but present, crisp. Cover is crisp, glossy, has trivial wear. Clear cover art. Nice.  
UMBAR contains * 5 B & W maps * 6 major floor plans * Wildlife, plants, climate, cultures & politics * A 16" x 20" full-color double-sided detachable mapsheet, side #1 of which depicts the bay of UMBAR region, side #2 maps out the city of UMBAR itself * Adventure in a land of warships & traders, thieves & plunderers, ominous towers, dark wizards and scheming overlords. ; 52 pages 
Price: 119.99 USD


 88.  Lords of Middle-Earth Vol 2: The Mannish Races (Middle Earth Role Playing/MERP #8003) ICE 8003 Iron Crown Enterprises (ICE) 1987 Good+; Good+ condition. Crisp, glossy cover, with a sticker shadow. Unmarked inside.  
Inside you'll find: * NINE NAZGÛL, the Witch-king of Angmar and the other Kings who accepted Sauron's Rings of power and became evil Ringwraiths * DÚNEDAIN, the High Men of Gondor and Arnor, including Denethor, Boromir, Faramir, and Aragorn II (Strider) * NÚMENÓRIANS, Lords like Elros and Ar-Pharazon, powerful ancestors of Endor's Dúnedain, the great sea-farers, colonizers, and conquerors * GREAT FIGURES FROM THE WEST, including Theóden, Eomer, Eowyn, and Wormtongue from Rohan, Bard from Lake-town, and the enemies like Wulf and The Mouth of Sauron. ; 108 pages 
Price: 24.99 USD


 89.  Shadowland Magazine, Vol. 2 (Shadowrun) SOK 202 Sword of the Knight Publications 12/1995 Fair; Cover wear. A small stain on title page. No writing.  
ARTICLES: Lunatic Fringe (short story, Phillip T. Adams), Drak's Drek (column, D. L. Knox), McKissack's Chameleon (critter, Andrew Ragland), Gift Horse (short story, Erik Kjerland), A Runner's Guide to Magic (background, Linda Naughton), The Gross-Frankfurt Sprawl (city description, Jonathan Szeto), Learning and Improving Skills (skill rules Linda Naughton), Path of the Tiger (shamanic totem, Gabriel Salazar), Headaches: Social Animals (short adventure, Chris Hussey), The Hermetic Lodge (spells, Chris Hussey) ; 56 pages 
Price: 9.99 USD


 90.  Gaming Frontiers for All Things D20: A D20 System Sourcebook Digest (Volume 4) UPI 1004 United Playtest 2003 Very Good;  
; 144 pages 
Price: 12.99 USD


 91.  DC Heroes Role-Playing Game (3rd Edition) MGI 267 Mayfair Games 1993 Good; Glossy cover with moderate use wear. Unmarked inside. A nice Play copy.  
; 184 pages 
Price: 39.99 USD



 92.  Relations between Tectonics & Sedimentation Good; Good condition. Cover has tear. Interior unmarked, all fold-out maps present.  
Publication of the 20th International Geological Congress, Mexico City, 1956. Articles in English, French, Russian. ~200 pgs.  
Price: 18.99 USD


 93.  Starblazer Adventures: Story Teller's Screen CB7702 Cubicle 7 2009 New;  
This screen contains all the charts and tables you'll want to refer to during your games of Starblazer Adventures. As well as putting all this information at your fingertips, the screen keeps your adventure notes secret and lets you increase suspense with mysterious unseen dice-rolling...  
Price: 11.99 USD


 94.  Strategy & Tactics Magazine #216, with Asia Crossroads, the Great Game, Board Game Decision Games 2003 Fine; Glossy cover with trivial wear. Complete withy play map and unpunched counter sheet.  
May/Jun 2003. Game covers the contest between Russia & Britain for control of central Asia in the mid-1800s ; 63 pages 
Price: 24.99 USD


 95.  The Last Starfighter Combat Game [BOX SET] FASA 6002 FASA Corporation 1984 Fair; Graded this set down to Fair/Acceptable because ONLY 39 OUT OF 78 PLAYING PIECES ARE PRESENT. Still should be quite playable. No dice, but you can come up with a pair of dice. All other parts (rulesbooklet, map, forms pad) present, in great shape. Box has little wear, looks nice. Great Play set or to pick up as a curiosity.  
Price: 24.99 USD


 96.  Aliens Magazine, Volume 2 Number 11, May 1993 (Dark Horse Comics) Dark Horse Comics 5/1993 Very Good;  
Colonial Marines; Deadly Deceit; Last Battle - Conclusion of Predator Rite of Passage; Bug Hunt (Tribes). ; 48 pages 
Price: 4.99 USD


 97.  The Space Gamer Magazine, Issue 16 Metagaming 1978 Fine; Crisp, gorgeous.  
Where We're Going; Layin' It on the Line; Classics Simulated (TFT); Harmonious Fists in Melee; Alpha Omega Corrections & Revisions; Demons! (TFT); reviews; more. ; 31 pages 
Price: 19.99 USD


 98.  The Space Gamer Magazine, Issue 49 Metagaming 3/1982 Very Good; Light cover wear. Nice.  
Where We're Going; Game Master (rules Q&A); Traveller as Science Fantasy (Greg Costikyan); The Flinger and the Blob (TFT); Desinger's Notes: Star Viking; The EM-50 (Car Wars); Tools for Terrorists (Traveller); D&D Without Magicians (AD&D); Beyond the Stellar Empire Designers' Notes; PBM Update; Murphy's Rules; reviews; more. ; 40 pages 
Price: 7.49 USD


 99.  Gamer's Handbook of the Marvel Universe: 1989 Character Updates (Marvel Super Heroes Accessory MU5) TSR 6887 TSR Hobbies 1989 Good; Cover folder has moderate wear. Sheets still bound, in good shape.  
This fifth volume of the Gamer's Handbook of the MARVEL UNIVERSE covers updates on familiar characters who have changed (such as the THING and MADELYNE PRYOR) and new characters who appeared in 1989 (such as CHAMELEON and TOMBSTONE). ; 256 pages 
Price: 14.99 USD


 100.  Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home: Sourcebook Update (Star Trek RPG) FASA 2224 FASA Corporation 1986 Fine; Crisp, glossy cover.  
The STAR TREK IV Sourcebook Update contains all the information needed to bring your STAR TREK: The Role Playing Game campaign up to date. It discusses the opinions of the Klingons, Romulans, and different factions within the Federation regarding Genesis and contains essays about Operation Armageddon, a Star Fleet computer simulation detailing war between the Federation and the Klingon and Romulan Empires. Sections describe what can be done to prevent the unauthorized use of starships and what sort of military justice the Enterprise Crew will face when they return to Terra. Also included is a 16-page color section illustrating some of the new aliens seen in STAR TREK IV: The Voyage Home. Along with each illustration is a description of the creatures as well as notes on their civilization and history. ; 80 pages 
Price: 22.99 USD

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